Sweet Life

Karie Boesiger bakes a mean cookie.

As a child, she spent summer days with her grandmother learning to bake. Those summers stuck with her. “To this day, I just love to make people happy through baking,” Karie says.

So in 2005, she decided to make a job of it with business partner (and mother-in-law) Kris Boesiger, whom she had previously worked with on a line of locally made mustards, called Mom’s Mustard.

This time though, they went after something a little bit sweeter.Read more

Here to Help

On the fourth floor of Boise State University’s College of Engineering building is an organization that doesn’t go by any one name. It all depends on who you ask.Read more

Recipe for Success

Melt looks like butter. Spreads like butter. And in most ways, tastes like butter. But of course — it’s not butter.

In fact, the only reason Melt exists is because the company’s founder, Cygnia Rapp, couldn’t eat butter (or many other common fat sources) without becoming ill.

“She was 30 years old at the time and decided she didn’t want to live that way,” explains Meg Carlson, an experienced food industry veteran and the company’s president and CEO. Cygnia’s solution? Develop a not-so-easy-to-follow recipe for an alternative to butter.Read more

All in the Family

Janine Zacca Zenner knew her mother was passionate about hummus, but she didn’t expect this. Her mom, who was visiting Boise from South Florida, stood in Janine’s kitchen yelling in her family’s native language of Arabic.

“She was really upset. ‘Why aren’t you using the garbanzo beans from the farm?!’” Janine recalls.Read more