Sharing Toys

There is a saying that the best day in a boat owner’s life is the day they buy it. The next best is the day they sell it.

Kyle Sales says he has a new “best day” for owners of boats, jet skis and recreational vehicles: The day they find Outdoor Toy Share.Read more

Where are they now?

Those who watch the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank know one of the most interesting parts of each episode is when they feature updates on the businesses a year or two later. We’re taking a page out of their book and doing the same with the Boise companies we’ve profiled over the past year.

Let’s get started…Read more

The Connector

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That’s pretty much how Doug Joseph has lived his life. As an ad man. A music promoter. A real estate investor. And now, a technology entrepreneur.

“I’ve been working for and by myself for most of the past 25 years,” he says. “I’m a hardworking guy. I like to get out there and make something happen.”Read more