Levi Bettwieser is a rescuer. In 2012, the full-time video producer, part-time thrift shopper realized something.

“I’d always walk by the [thrift store] camera section and notice a lot of the cameras still had film in them,” Levi said. “And since I could process film for free by myself, out of sheer curiosity, I started buying the cameras for $10 a piece, going home, opening them up in the dark to pull the film out.”Read more

The Giver

“I have, quite literally, put everything into this,” Jason Hausske says as he leans in to emphasize his next thought. “But if an idea pulls you, you got to go.”

Jason is the founder, CEO and driving force behind One4All, a social network for charitable giving. The company’s goal is ambitious: to transform giving from an occasional, passive activity to a more regular — and sometimes spontaneous — everyday occurrence.Read more

Game Changer

Eric Leaman is not the kind of person to get stuck in a rut. So after hitting the three year mark as a referee for a Seattle adult sports league, making just $14 a game, he decided he needed to get out of that rut and start something for himself.Read more