Levi Bettwieser is a rescuer. In 2012, the full-time video producer, part-time thrift shopper realized something.

“I’d always walk by the [thrift store] camera section and notice a lot of the cameras still had film in them,” Levi said. “And since I could process film for free by myself, out of sheer curiosity, I started buying the cameras for $10 a piece, going home, opening them up in the dark to pull the film out.”Read more

Uncharted Territory

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. But it shouldn’t cost a thousand dollars.

At least that’s the view of Jennifer Benz and Nick Tamm, the founders of Zanifesto. Their tool makes creating data-rich, visually compelling infographics — those charts and diagrams so popular on social media — simple enough that non-designers can make them in minutes.Read more