A Leap Forward

Kristi Saucerman has always liked helping people. Add to that her natural penchant for getting stuff done, and you get a sort of “super volunteer” — the kind of person who is always stepping up to help out.Read more

The Family Crusader

Thirty years ago, Lori Fascilla was a statistic. Divorced, on her own, struggling to provide her 2-year-old son with the childhood she knew he deserved.

”I enrolled him at the best (childcare) center I could afford… and it was substandard at best,” Lori says. “It was excruciating to leave him there everyday. I already had a sense of failure and that just added to it.”Read more

Fighting for Peace

A courtroom is no place for a child.

But for Michelle Crosby, it was too late. At age nine she had already been through years of her parent’s bickering, arguing and fighting. She had been caught in their emotional tug-of-war more times than she could remember.Read more