Game Boy

“Right there,” Ryan Zehm says, pointing to the ground next to a dumpster pushed against the exterior wall of Boise’s main library.

“That’s where most of my first video game was built. The library had everything I needed: books on programming, free internet, and a place to warm up when I needed it.”Read more

Action Hero

August Johnson wanted to take a selfie before he — and most of the world — even knew what a selfie was.

The full-time commercial real estate appraiser and some-time metal sculpturist welded a cellphone-sized metal box and used screws to attach suction cups. He then used those suction cups to attach his camera to a mirror, set the camera’s timer and take a selfie.Read more

New View

To say 2008 was a life-changing year for Brooke Linville and Dan Thurber is a pretty major understatement.

In August, their home was one of ten destroyed by the Oregon Trail Heights fire — a massive, fast-moving grass fire in Southeast Boise.

In September, their first son was born.Read more

Capturing Focus

“I realized around 2001 that TV news would be forever changed by the internet,” says Ed Vining, a sports broadcaster turned entrepreneur.

But the internet didn’t just change TV — it changed him too.Read more

A Leap Forward

Kristi Saucerman has always liked helping people. Add to that her natural penchant for getting stuff done, and you get a sort of “super volunteer” — the kind of person who is always stepping up to help out.Read more

The Connector

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That’s pretty much how Doug Joseph has lived his life. As an ad man. A music promoter. A real estate investor. And now, a technology entrepreneur.

“I’ve been working for and by myself for most of the past 25 years,” he says. “I’m a hardworking guy. I like to get out there and make something happen.”Read more

Fun and Games

It’s probably fair to say that Michael Wilson’s career path is just a bit different than most Boise technologists.

He’s founded a boutique gaming company that sold millions of games. Then served as Chief Technology officer for a couple of huge — if not legendary — ad agencies.Read more