Speed Racer

Kris Bloom has loved drag racing for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve been involved in drag racing since before I was born,” Kris says. “My dad was drag racing from when he was a kid until I was born. He took me to the races when I was a kid. I grew up around it.”

After learning how to code in the Air Force (more on that later), Kris decided to follow his passions.Read more

Born to Sell

George Seybold will be the first to say startups face a shortage of many things: cash, talent and time included. But for George and his company, Talloo, “ambition” isn’t one of them. “I don’t think small,” George says. “I think in scale.”

The vision for his company? To do nothing less than turn the $20 billion customer relationship software (CRM) market on its head.Read more

Go with the…

Shannon Hamrick’s love for the water was born in an Arabian desert. When she was just 6 years old, her family moved to Saudi Arabia where she and her sister, Amber, found themselves in a new country, learning a new language, and with little to do.

“Pools are everywhere in Saudi,” Shannon says. “It was the only thing to do as a kid.”Read more

Special Op(portunity)

“It’s like holding onto a tiger by its tail,” says Kryptek CEO Butch Whiting about his company’s spectacular rise. “If we would’ve assembled a team of 100 industry experts and asked them to accomplish what we’ve accomplished in the past year, they would’ve said we’re crazy.”

But Butch and his team aren’t crazy. They’re dogged. They’re tough. And ok, maybe just a bit crazy…Read more