On a Roll

We’ve all seen it: an athlete twists an ankle, and then TV announcers use instant replay to analyze what could have happened.

Over. And over. And over again.

Like most of us, Chris Dean quickly grew tired of watching such replays. But one day, while watching an NBA game at his brother’s house in San Jose, Calif., he started seeing the replay of one player’s ankle roll differently.Read more

Here to Help

On the fourth floor of Boise State University’s College of Engineering building is an organization that doesn’t go by any one name. It all depends on who you ask.Read more

Action Hero

August Johnson wanted to take a selfie before he — and most of the world — even knew what a selfie was.

The full-time commercial real estate appraiser and some-time metal sculpturist welded a cellphone-sized metal box and used screws to attach suction cups. He then used those suction cups to attach his camera to a mirror, set the camera’s timer and take a selfie.Read more

Picking up the Pieces

To locals, Usful Glassworks is a place to drop off used wine and alcohol bottles. To foodies, it’s the place that supplies upcycled drinking glasses to popular restaurants like Fork and Red Feather.

And while both are true, there’s more to it than that.Read more


“I’ve told people we could never have done this when we were younger,” Lynn Hoffmann says of launching a new business with her husband Brian last year. “But our long marriage can survive the ups and downs of a business.”

Not only has this pair “survived,” they’ve thrived.Read more

Bag of Ideas

“If a sleeping bag had a baby with a hammock” is how Lance Williams describes the Bison Bag, a project he started with his wife Julia in 2014. The idea: combine the warmth of a sleeping bag with the “setup anywhere” nature of a camping hammock.

But this isn’t first foray into entrepreneurship.Read more