Game Boy

“Right there,” Ryan Zehm says, pointing to the ground next to a dumpster pushed against the exterior wall of Boise’s main library.

“That’s where most of my first video game was built. The library had everything I needed: books on programming, free internet, and a place to warm up when I needed it.”Read more

New View

To say 2008 was a life-changing year for Brooke Linville and Dan Thurber is a pretty major understatement.

In August, their home was one of ten destroyed by the Oregon Trail Heights fire — a massive, fast-moving grass fire in Southeast Boise.

In September, their first son was born.Read more

Capturing Focus

“I realized around 2001 that TV news would be forever changed by the internet,” says Ed Vining, a sports broadcaster turned entrepreneur.

But the internet didn’t just change TV — it changed him too.Read more

The Fixer

The walls of Tech Savvy are adorned with motherboards and hollowed out computer frames. “This piece looks like a swimming pool — and these are the railroad tracks.” Brooke Lacey converses with small visitors in her shop while their mother searches through her purse in the reception area, showing them parts that make up a computer.Read more

Geek Life

“Nobody’s born a CEO,” MetaGeek’s Ryan Woodings says. “You learn on the job.” He should know.

The company he started as a side project in 2006 is now one of Boise’s top technology companies, with more than 30 employees, a 30% annual growth rate and a shiny new office atop the Owyhee Plaza.Read more