Game Boy

“Right there,” Ryan Zehm says, pointing to the ground next to a dumpster pushed against the exterior wall of Boise’s main library.

“That’s where most of my first video game was built. The library had everything I needed: books on programming, free internet, and a place to warm up when I needed it.”Read more

Speed Racer

Kris Bloom has loved drag racing for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve been involved in drag racing since before I was born,” Kris says. “My dad was drag racing from when he was a kid until I was born. He took me to the races when I was a kid. I grew up around it.”

After learning how to code in the Air Force (more on that later), Kris decided to follow his passions.Read more

New View

To say 2008 was a life-changing year for Brooke Linville and Dan Thurber is a pretty major understatement.

In August, their home was one of ten destroyed by the Oregon Trail Heights fire — a massive, fast-moving grass fire in Southeast Boise.

In September, their first son was born.Read more

Fun and Games

It’s probably fair to say that Michael Wilson’s career path is just a bit different than most Boise technologists.

He’s founded a boutique gaming company that sold millions of games. Then served as Chief Technology officer for a couple of huge — if not legendary — ad agencies.Read more