Capturing Focus

“I realized around 2001 that TV news would be forever changed by the internet,” says Ed Vining, a sports broadcaster turned entrepreneur.

But the internet didn’t just change TV — it changed him too.Read more

Finding a Niche

To call Nathan Barry transparent is an understatement.

Barry — part entrepreneur, part teacher — has built his reputation as a blogger, software designer, app developer and author by not just being transparent, but radically transparent. (Each year he chronicles every detail of his business and personal life, including finances, on his blog.)Read more


“I’ve told people we could never have done this when we were younger,” Lynn Hoffmann says of launching a new business with her husband Brian last year. “But our long marriage can survive the ups and downs of a business.”

Not only has this pair “survived,” they’ve thrived.Read more

Bag of Ideas

“If a sleeping bag had a baby with a hammock” is how Lance Williams describes the Bison Bag, a project he started with his wife Julia in 2014. The idea: combine the warmth of a sleeping bag with the “setup anywhere” nature of a camping hammock.

But this isn’t first foray into entrepreneurship.Read more

Uncharted Territory

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. But it shouldn’t cost a thousand dollars.

At least that’s the view of Jennifer Benz and Nick Tamm, the founders of Zanifesto. Their tool makes creating data-rich, visually compelling infographics — those charts and diagrams so popular on social media — simple enough that non-designers can make them in minutes.Read more

Paper Pushers

Frannie Wilson and Nichole Schoener say they’re impulsive, but it’s hard to believe looking around their immaculate store, Paperie + Pen, at The Village in Meridian.

Like Frannie and Nichole themselves, the space is classy but quirky, upscale but unpretentious. It all feels so intentional; not impulsive at all. But the partners insist their shared impulsiveness is the very thing that got them to where they are now…Read more