We’ve only just begun


What a year for Built in Boise! For starters, we launched on February 26, 2015.

And since, we have told the stories of 46 hard-working, inspiring, optimistic entrepreneurs. It has been wonderful to share the sometimes heroic, sometimes ordinary experiences of those who have committed themselves to building Boise by building their own company or nonprofit.

It’s been a true joy.

Many of you enjoyed Built in Boise this year, too. We had thousands of visitors read our stories tens of thousands of times.

Built in Boise is a tremendous labor of love. Operative word = “labor.” Each article takes many hours to research, coordinate, interview, write, edit, photograph, and layout. Every bit of this work is done by generous contributors who donate their time out of a love for Boise and its entrepreneurs. Not to mention some financial support from sponsors, like Northwest Bank, to help pay for hosting, giveaways and expenses.

As Built in Boise’s popularity has grown, so have the demands on our time. Because of this, we (Loren and Jeff) have decided to slow things down a bit. Not because there are not enough stories to tell (we have a backlog of ideas), but because we want to make sure each one gets the time, energy and attention it deserves.

So… as of January 1, 2016 Built in Boise will reduce its publishing schedule from weekly to bi-weekly.

Other than that, we expect everything to remain the same — same amazing contributors producing the same amazing stories enjoyed by the same amazing readers (you!).

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Boise entrepreneurs are making a lot of great things happen. We’re honored to be documenting their efforts.


Loren and Jeff

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