One last thing…

Built in Boise launched in 2014 with the hope of telling the stories behind Boise businesses and startups — and more so, profiling the people who started them. We promised to avoid covering trendy office spaces and technical startup jargon. Instead, the stories would focus on the challenges, failures and successes of being an entrepreneur in Boise.

Since launching, we’ve published over 60 stories, ranging from a little orange stitch to stand up paddleboards to breakfast bars. Our stories have been read and shared by tens of thousands… even featured on the front page of the Idaho Statesman.

After almost two years, Jeff and I have decided to retire Built in Boise. We both love the opportunity to tell these stories, but the work involved — coordinating interviews, photoshoots, editing and publishing — takes a lot of time. Time that we would like to spend on new projects and opportunities.

So what does retirement mean? It means you (probably) won’t see any new stories published here. Past stories will stick around for a while and the Twitter account (@builtinboise) will remain active for the occasional tweet about local news, events and jobs in the valley.

Built in Boise has been supported by volunteers since the beginning. To those who contributed their time writing stories or taking photos… Thank you. An extra shout out to photographers Chris Ennis and Mike Kerby, who collectively shot the photos for at least half of our stories. They gave us their early mornings, lunch hours and patience for this little project.

And finally, to all the readers. Thank you.


See you around.

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