Mike KerbyMike Kerby

Mike is the founder and president of c308 Marketing, a Boise-based digital marketing company. National and local clients rely on his web dev, ad strategy, and creative designs. Mike is on the board of Life’s Kitchen and chairman of the Idaho Advertising Federation.

c308 Marketing  |  @mikekerby

Chris EnnisChris Ennis

Sitting in seventh grade algebra class, Chris Ennis realized he would need to find a career that didn’t involve “finding X.” Chris is a photographer, videographer and the owner of NuVision Productions. He has shot a multitude of projects for local, regional and national businesses and non-profits. Chris loves living in Idaho because, hey…what’s not to love?

NuVision Idaho  |  @chrisennisidaho

Joe JaszewskiJoe Jaszewski

Joe came to Boise in 2003, planning to stay for 2-3 years, and never left. If you play Boise city-league basketball, softball, flag-football, volleyball or ultimate frisbee, you’ve probably run into him. He wears a variety of hats in his professional life including visual journalist, editor, writer, and creative director.  |  @joeja

Nick GroffNick Groff

Nick Groff is the communications specialist for the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation and a former journalist and photojournalist. Groff spends his spare time tinkering and building in his garage, attempting to woodwork and visiting local breweries.


Steve SmithSteve Smith

Steve Smith started shooting in the music business in Los Angeles in 1976. His assignment work has appeared in People, Time, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, Life, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week and The New York Times Magazine. In 2002 Steve relocated to Boise, ID to open his current studio.  |  @stevesmithphoto

Shawn DavidShawn David

Shawn David has a background in ski racing and coaching and loves taking pictures of just plain, regular, people that are exceptional deep down. Shawn considers himself both naturally and artificially flavored. You’ll see him out on the green belt enjoying the river with his wife of over 25 years or in the mountains camping with his family.  |  @jpgselfie