One last thing…

Built in Boise launched in 2014 with the hope of telling the stories behind Boise businesses and startups — and more so, profiling the people who started them. We promised to avoid covering trendy office spaces and technical startup jargon. Instead, the stories would focus on the challenges, failures and successes of being an entrepreneur in Boise.Read more

We’ve only just begun


What a year for Built in Boise! For starters, we launched on February 26, 2015.

And since, we have told the stories of 46 hard-working, inspiring, optimistic entrepreneurs. It has been wonderful to share the sometimes heroic, sometimes ordinary experiences of those who have committed themselves to building Boise by building their own company or nonprofit.Read more

Where are they now?

Those who watch the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank know one of the most interesting parts of each episode is when they feature updates on the businesses a year or two later. We’re taking a page out of their book and doing the same with the Boise companies we’ve profiled over the past year.

Let’s get started…Read more

Giving Thanks 🍻

This week we’re flipping the camera around and focusing on the people who make Built in Boise possible.

As a completely volunteer project, the willingness of professional writers and photographers to offer their time and expertise has been truly amazing.Read more