Sweet Life

Karie Boesiger bakes a mean cookie.

As a child, she spent summer days with her grandmother learning to bake. Those summers stuck with her. “To this day, I just love to make people happy through baking,” Karie says.

So in 2005, she decided to make a job of it with business partner (and mother-in-law) Kris Boesiger, whom she had previously worked with on a line of locally made mustards, called Mom’s Mustard.

This time though, they went after something a little bit sweeter.Read more

Out There.

For Annalisa DeMarta and Ken Johnson, family camping trips have transformed into a family business: LoneCone.com, an e-tailer focused on outdoor gear for the whole family.

The company, which sells through Amazon, it’s own website and — beginning in May — a retail showroom in Boise, is now a profitable, growing and well-respected retailer.

But it wasn’t always this way…Read more

Sharing Toys

There is a saying that the best day in a boat owner’s life is the day they buy it. The next best is the day they sell it.

Kyle Sales says he has a new “best day” for owners of boats, jet skis and recreational vehicles: The day they find Outdoor Toy Share.Read more

Action Hero

August Johnson wanted to take a selfie before he — and most of the world — even knew what a selfie was.

The full-time commercial real estate appraiser and some-time metal sculpturist welded a cellphone-sized metal box and used screws to attach suction cups. He then used those suction cups to attach his camera to a mirror, set the camera’s timer and take a selfie.Read more

Fish Out of Water

You might say that fish fertilizer is in Thomas Lansing’s blood.

The son of an environmental activist and a commercial fisherman, Thomas spent much of his childhood exploring Idaho’s great outdoors. As an adult (and founder of Carp Solutions), he’s trying to keep it that way as he builds a career.Read more

Bag of Ideas

“If a sleeping bag had a baby with a hammock” is how Lance Williams describes the Bison Bag, a project he started with his wife Julia in 2014. The idea: combine the warmth of a sleeping bag with the “setup anywhere” nature of a camping hammock.

But this isn’t first foray into entrepreneurship.Read more

Game Changer

Eric Leaman is not the kind of person to get stuck in a rut. So after hitting the three year mark as a referee for a Seattle adult sports league, making just $14 a game, he decided he needed to get out of that rut and start something for himself.Read more

Special Op(portunity)

“It’s like holding onto a tiger by its tail,” says Kryptek CEO Butch Whiting about his company’s spectacular rise. “If we would’ve assembled a team of 100 industry experts and asked them to accomplish what we’ve accomplished in the past year, they would’ve said we’re crazy.”

But Butch and his team aren’t crazy. They’re dogged. They’re tough. And ok, maybe just a bit crazy…Read more