Private Ear

When clinical audiologist Matt Murphy has an idea, he just can’t let it go.

Twelve years ago, while on vacation in Sun Valley, Matt was skiing with friends and putting his brand new iPod to use on the slopes, only to realize how frustrating it was. While skiing, his earbuds kept falling out, and when he wanted to talk to friends, he had to take them out, only to put them back in again moments later.

Matt’s friends joked about a magical earbud that would allow them to hear their surroundings while still rocking out to The Rolling Stones. For Matt, it was more than a joke…Read more

Out of the Box

By definition, bringing a bit of innovation to a cajon drum requires — wait for it — thinking outside the box.

As of just a few years ago, founder of Chavez Cajon and now professional cajon player Todd Chavez, a life-long percussionist, knew little about the instrument.Read more

High Note

From all outward appearances it looks like a typical mid-century home in a well-kept West Boise neighborhood. But enter through the side gate to a door that opens to the home’s garage-turned-workshop, and you immediately realize that nothing about this is typical.

Beautiful, richly stained mandolins hang from a drying rack in the ceiling. And the walls, papered with jigs, close in on a compact but neatly organized workbench surrounded by every manner of woodworking tool.Read more