The Right Direction

While most of his classmates were frantically applying for jobs before graduation, polishing resumes and editing cover letters, Zach Voss was starting his own business.

“I formed the [limited liability corporation] with the state of Idaho the last semester of school,” Zach says, “I transitioned from being a student to a small business owner.”Read more

Sharing Toys

There is a saying that the best day in a boat owner’s life is the day they buy it. The next best is the day they sell it.

Kyle Sales says he has a new “best day” for owners of boats, jet skis and recreational vehicles: The day they find Outdoor Toy Share.Read more

Game Boy

“Right there,” Ryan Zehm says, pointing to the ground next to a dumpster pushed against the exterior wall of Boise’s main library.

“That’s where most of my first video game was built. The library had everything I needed: books on programming, free internet, and a place to warm up when I needed it.”Read more

Out of the Box

By definition, bringing a bit of innovation to a cajon drum requires — wait for it — thinking outside the box.

As of just a few years ago, founder of Chavez Cajon and now professional cajon player Todd Chavez, a life-long percussionist, knew little about the instrument.Read more

Going Places

Tanya Carnahan has always been worldly. The daughter of globetrotting missionaries, Tanya was born in Morocco and lived in dozens of countries by the time she was a teenager.

Eventually, things settled down and Tanya started a family of her own in the outskirts of Seattle.

Life was good. Then — inexplicably — her family, including her newborn son, started getting sick.Read more

Speed Racer

Kris Bloom has loved drag racing for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve been involved in drag racing since before I was born,” Kris says. “My dad was drag racing from when he was a kid until I was born. He took me to the races when I was a kid. I grew up around it.”

After learning how to code in the Air Force (more on that later), Kris decided to follow his passions.Read more

Movie Man

Wyatt Werner, like any self-respecting film buff, dreamed of making a living sharing his love for movies in a theater of his own.

“I wanted to watch older movies and drink beer in a cool place,” Wyatt says. “Who doesn’t?”Read more