Here to Help

On the fourth floor of Boise State University’s College of Engineering building is an organization that doesn’t go by any one name. It all depends on who you ask.Read more

Where are they now?

Those who watch the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank know one of the most interesting parts of each episode is when they feature updates on the businesses a year or two later. We’re taking a page out of their book and doing the same with the Boise companies we’ve profiled over the past year.

Let’s get started…Read more


Law associate Chris Hoyd was starting a code school in Boise.

Software developer Matt Overall was also starting a code school in Boise.

So when Matt unknowingly stumbled on Chris’ Craigslist ad looking for instructors, it was kismet.Read more

The Family Crusader

Thirty years ago, Lori Fascilla was a statistic. Divorced, on her own, struggling to provide her 2-year-old son with the childhood she knew he deserved.

”I enrolled him at the best (childcare) center I could afford… and it was substandard at best,” Lori says. “It was excruciating to leave him there everyday. I already had a sense of failure and that just added to it.”Read more

Go with the…

Shannon Hamrick’s love for the water was born in an Arabian desert. When she was just 6 years old, her family moved to Saudi Arabia where she and her sister, Amber, found themselves in a new country, learning a new language, and with little to do.

“Pools are everywhere in Saudi,” Shannon says. “It was the only thing to do as a kid.”Read more