The Right Direction

While most of his classmates were frantically applying for jobs before graduation, polishing resumes and editing cover letters, Zach Voss was starting his own business.

“I formed the [limited liability corporation] with the state of Idaho the last semester of school,” Zach says, “I transitioned from being a student to a small business owner.”Read more

Out of the Box

By definition, bringing a bit of innovation to a cajon drum requires — wait for it — thinking outside the box.

As of just a few years ago, founder of Chavez Cajon and now professional cajon player Todd Chavez, a life-long percussionist, knew little about the instrument.Read more


Levi Bettwieser is a rescuer. In 2012, the full-time video producer, part-time thrift shopper realized something.

“I’d always walk by the [thrift store] camera section and notice a lot of the cameras still had film in them,” Levi said. “And since I could process film for free by myself, out of sheer curiosity, I started buying the cameras for $10 a piece, going home, opening them up in the dark to pull the film out.”Read more

Toy Stories

Down a bumpy gravel path off Hill Road is a red house with a door in the back that leads into a narrow room. The walls are lined with movie posters, pencil sketches and racks full of resins and paints. Near the door is a desk covered in miniature plastic body parts, squares of sandpaper and a utility knife.

This is Credenda Studios — a one-man operation for custom action figures. Or as his fans call them: designer toys.Read more